JiC® Youthful You

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Quick Overview

  • Results skin firmness and elasticity, supports healthy skin.
  • Structure and helps maintain smoothe skin.
  • The Cosmeceutical Solution for Skin Health and Beauty.
  • Oral Supplementation and Skin Care.
  • Antioxidant at its Best and Rejuvenating your skin.
  • All Natural and certified kosher.
  • Made in USA

JiC® Youthful You

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                  • For both JiC® Tomato Lycopene LYC-O-MATO® 15mg and Jic® Pomegranate.
                  • Take one capsules twice daily after a meal.
                  • Store in cool and dry room. Avoid extreme heat or dampness.


Supplement Facts:


The Cosmeceutical Solution for Skin Health and Beauty

      The very latest in skin care is coming from the cosmeceutical marketplace. Tomato Lycopene tomato abstraction is not a cream or lotion but a dietary supplement for the skin. Daily oral supplementation with a Tomato Lycopene soft gelatin capsule will help promote younger radiant looking skin through the synergy of natural lycopene and other antioxidants found naturally in the tomato. Antioxidant at its Best and Rejuvenating your skin Tomato Lycopene offers the best in antioxidant protection because it is not just tomato abstraction. But rather, a complex of antioxidant carotenoids and tocopherols that support each other synergistically. By reducing free radical damage, Tomato Lycopene strikes a blow against the manifestations of premature aging including fine wrinkles, rough and leathery skin, and loose skin. Tomato Lycopene helps maintain skin firmness and elasticity, supports healthy skin structure and helps maintain smoothe skin.


Oral Supplementation and Skin Care

        Today, we can maximize the skin health benefits of antioxidants through a daily regimen of oral supplementation. How can antioxidants like Tomato Lycopene help? Tomato Lycopene is the most effective quencher of the molecules of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are responsible for the oxidative damage which can wreak havoc with skin beauty.


Antioxidants and Sun Care

          Oxidative damage from sunlight, sometimes referred to as photo oxidative damage which occurs when UVA and UVB radiation from the sun strikes our skin. Topical sunscreens are an important defense against sun burn. But now, clinical research shows that antioxidant phytonutrients in the diet, including natural lycopene, beta carotene and tocopherols from tomato offer their own kind of sun care benefits by enhancing the body’s natural defenses against environmental stress.


Antioxidants and Skin Care

            Oxidative damage is caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS), also known as free radicals, that result from a variety of sources including ultra-violet radiation from the sun, environmental stress, and smoking cigarettes. Nutrients that protect against oxidative damage are called antioxidants. These include vitamins C, A and E and carotenoids like lycopene, beta-carotene and lutein. Natural antioxidants, as part of the diet, in combination with intelligent avoidance of over exposure to the sun, helped protect our ancestors’ pre-mature aging.


Skin Care and Sun Care are Everyday Concerns

              The skin is the largest organ in the body and yet often we think about skin protection and sun protection only when we are going to the beach, or exposing our hands and faces to the cold, harsh winter wind. At those times we pull out the bottle of sunscreen lotion and rub the moisturizer cream into our hands. But the truth is, our skin health needs protection all the time: summer, winter, indoors or out. Including a daily skin health nutritional supplement of Tomato Lycopene as part of your dietary regimen can be just the answer for men and women alike.


LYC-O-MATO® Lycopene

                Antioxidants from Tomato LYC-O-MATO® Lycopene is a unique JiC® product. This all-natural extract of Tomato Lycopene tomatoes provides a full complement of tomato carotenoids and other antioxidants to benefit good health. Tomato Lycopene is called a tomato abstraction complex because it contains a whole complex of phytonutrients including phytoene, phytofluene, beta-carotene, tocopherols and phytosterols. Scientific research has shown that the phytonutrient complex works in synergy with the natural lycopene resulting in more powerful antioxidant activity and greater health benefits. Also the health benefits of whole tomato and tomato extract products.


Quality and Safety

                  Tomato Lycopene is a GRAS ingredient - it is Generally Recognized As Safe. An independent evaluation of Tomato Lycopene is a safe food and dietary supplement ingredient when consumed as intended. An all natural tomato extract, Tomato Lycopene is vegetarian, free of any additives, and certified kosher.


Tomato extract

                    Natural extract of red, ripe tomatoes, providing a full complement of carotenoids and other naturally occurring tomato antioxidants


Health Benefits of Natural tomato abstraction Complex

                  • These studies show the multiple health benefits of tomato abstraction complex.
                  • Supports cardiovascular health
                  • Supports prostate health
                  • Helps prevent DNA and cell damage
                  • Supports healthy and radiant skin


Tomato Lycopene health benefits

                  • Powerful antioxidant
                  • Helps prevent DNA damage
                  • Promotes cardiovascular health
                  • Supports prostate health
                  • Helps maintain healthy skin


Tomato Lycopene features

                  • Natural
                  • Non-synthetic / non-fungal origin


Tomato Lycopene benefits

                    All the antioxidant health benefits of the tomato provides synergistic benefits of naturally occurring mixture of phytonutrients Reference: LYC-O-MATO®

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